Mila Bordis

Questions & answers

Where do you live?

In the southwestern part of Munich

What would you show us if we visited you?

Oh, I live really close to the 5-lakes district, where it’s really beautiful. We could go there and take a little tour starting in Tutzing, which is on Starnberg Lake. Then we’d travel through the countryside, reaching the southern shore of Ammersee and then continue to Pilsensee. There, we’d make a short stop in Seefeld and then continue on to Steinebach, which is on the Wörthsee. There, we’d have a bite to eat at ‘Il Kiosko,’ which is directly on the lake. I’m there quite often, and it’s always very relaxing and amusing, no matter which part of the year.

What do you do?

I’m a designer, art director and illustrator.

 What is your favorite trick to get into a good mood?

Taking a walk in the woods or cross-country, no matter what kind of weather – with rubber boots, dog and lots of time… and working in the garden – that also always makes me happy and content.

What makes you laugh?

Situation comedy, taking stock of past events together with close friends and finding their retrospective reflections funny… I can also laugh about myself.

What was your most important decision during the last 12 months?

Following my instincts and working as a school guide in the mornings for a year, in the second grade of an elementary school. I wrote and illustrated a children’s book and wish to move more in that direction. So it seemed only natural to go to the ‘source’ and observe what kinds of issues matter to children today.  I’m mostly there to help with the integration of a child with an immigration background. By now, however, I feel really grateful for the way I myself have been integrated into the class. I really enjoy witnessing the different viewpoints, the children’s joy, spontaneity, their individual developments but also the solidarity and sense of community of these seven- and eight-year-olds. It’s a really great age. There’s a lot these kids already know how to do, but at the same time, their childhoods are far from over. They are still very much dreamers, have complete trust and are very affectionate.

What was the biggest surprise in your life during the past 12 months?

Oh hmm… I was going through a cranky and discontent phase regarding myself and my life when all of a sudden, from way deep inside me, came the realization that I have been very blessed and lucky so far in my life. Was that my higher self? Anyway, I was really startled and also a bit ashamed.

What was the best moment you experienced during the past week?

It’s more the overall impression of several days that I spent in Budapest. Wow – what a charming, fantastic city! It has this morbid elegance and grandezza of times gone by – you can sense the city’s history all over the place. At the same time the people there are so full of energy, friendliness and a zest for life, it’s fascinating. I can’t remember seeing such a huge diversity of bars, cafés and restaurants in one single city. I had a great time in Budapest.

Which book would you really recommend?

Penguin Bloom – it’s the story about a little bird that manages to restore the love for life to its family. The book is a combination of really adorable photos and a touching and authentic story.

Which piece of clothing would you never give away and why?

That would definitely be my ‘little black dress’ from Dolce&Gabbana – it’s the ultimate piece of clothing for me! I noticed it in a shop window about 15 years ago, immediately fell in love with it and bought it right then and there. It’s made of a bi-elastic, textured material, has a daring cut that will never go out of style, plus it’s really comfortable to wear. I don’t even put it on that often, but I love coming across it in my wardrobe. This dress is my secret weapon.