Cashmere manufacture – Kathmandu Nepal

100% handmade in Nepal

Traditional skills join innovative technologies


Pure precious cashmere is a natural fibre that feels incredibly soft, silky and smooth. 

It is derived from the soft undercoat of goat breeds from the Kaschmir Region in Northern India as well as nowadays from Nepal, Mongolia, China, Pakistan and Iran. Only the finest fibres of the undercoat are used. The elaborate procedure of combing and the scarcity of the material -a goat produces per year only 250 gr. of cashmere- make pure cashmere products a luxurious and rare good. Since cashmere feels so incredibly good on the skin it is quite likely that you never want to wear anything else anymore.

Harvesting Cashmere

The timing matters the most. We collect our cashmere during the spring moulting season when the goats shed their winter coats. The goat‘s delicate, soft and downy winter undercoat is removed carefully by hand  with a coarse comb.
The entire process is animal-friendly and naturally sustainable.

Cashmere Care

Like a good friend, cashmere wants to be treated well. It is surprisingly easy to care for:

1. wool has self-cleaning capacities and much can be taken care of by airing it out.
2. you can wash it using the cold water wool setting on your washing machine.
3. you can even put it in your dryer, using the delicate/no heat cycle.

True Friends

Our products – Caressing skin and senses.
Protection and companionship throughout the day
– Just like a friend.

I’ve been washed

I’ve been dried

I’ve been dyed

I’ve been printed

I’ve been mended

I’ve been pressed

I’ve been measured

I’ve been embroidered

I’ve been studded

I’ve been linked

I’ve been tested


We monitor each piece individually. Every article can be reordered.