Long live friendship

It’s great to have friends. What’s even better is to be a friend.

When we can make life easier and more fun for someone, then we become a friend for that person.  Our hand-made friendly hunting products are trusted companions that join you during your day and your little adventures of daily life.  They were made to beautify and lighten up your life and to make it more fun.
In our daily work, we meet new people all the time – people we grow fond of, who inspire us and make our lives more joyful. Long live friendship.


If paintings could speak... Princess 

Ingeborg of  Schleswig-Holstein's artwork is abstract, yet very eloquent. The world of her art is full of expressive colors, often large-format, striking and marvelous - there are layers upon layers.

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Designer, Art Director and Creator of "Nestor", most gorgeous dog.

Mila Bordis / more

Susan Gluth

Voyager between worlds. Film director and camerawoman Susan Gluth visits people in the most remote locations on earth. Her insightful and perceptive documentary films then tell us the stories of the human beings she meets. more

Till Broenner

Let's Keep Jazz Alive!

Till Brönner is probably the best-known German jazz trumpeter. His musical achievements have garnered numerous awards and wide international acclaim. His passion, perfection, and big-screen quality captures stages and the hearts of his fans. And now, in Brönner’s exhibition and book project Faces of Talent, he presents fellow musicians, film stars, and other talents from the cultural scene in portraits that he has shot with his Leica. more

Theo Roos

An encounter with Theo Roos is as refreshing as his “philosophical vitamins”

A film director, musician and philosopher, he lives in Cologne where he also runs a Philosophical Practice. more