Nepal Moods

Come along to Nepal and join our world.


Our company is dedicated to a principle of ‘mindful luxury’, which means that the people creating the collections work under fair conditions and sustainability is on our minds throughout the production chain. 

At the same time, we use high-end materials, innovative technologies and superb craftsmanship to reach dazzling results.

friendly hunting produces handmade luxury cashmere garments.

… we do this with a holistic approach.
People who work for us earn a decent wage and we provide them with a healthy working environment.
In return, our employees provide their unique expertise and traditional knowledge.
… the results are unique high-end garments and textiles.

Christian und Michaela Goldmann, CEO’s


….many translations, one intention: Namasté is a universal Hindu greeting, respectfully acknowledging the divine spark that lives inside all of us – located in the heart chakra. The gesture is an acknowledgement of the Soul in one body towards the Soul in another.

…”we produce all our clothing in Nepal, and our regular travels to that amazing country have made us appreciate this universal greeting and gesture. We love the way it constantly reminds us that we’re all part of the same big human family.”


“We just walkaround with our senses wide open. Often it´s the little things that trigger the larger ideas.”


“It’s not easy to find true friends, and one should take great care when selecting them. The same is true for any objects you surround yourself with.”


The Peterhof, friendly hunting’s home is a creative design lab and harbour for people with positive attitude. We believe in places that are peaceful and energizing.